Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Adjusting the focus and brightness (exposure)
Taking pictures with Auto Focus
Enabling/disabling use of cursor button to move the AF area
 →   [Custom] → [Direct Focus Area] → [ON] / [OFF]
When [   ], [   ], or [   ] is selected, you can move the AF area and when [   ] is 
selected, you can move the enlarged position. 
 •When [Custom Multi] such as [   ] is selected, the AF area setting screen is displayed.
 •Use the Quick menu 
 to set functions to be assigned to the cursor button, such as 
[Drive Mode], [White Balance] and [Sensitivity].
When you set [Metering Mode] 
 to [   ] (spot-focusing), the metering target will move 
along with the AF area. When the AF area is moved to the edges of the screen, the metering 
operation may be affected by the surrounding brightness.
Not available in the following cases:
[Direct Focus Area] is fixed to [OFF] in the following case:
 •When the picture effect (Filter) is set
The position and size of the AF area cannot be changed in the Digital Zoom range.