Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Picture effects (Filter)
Taking pictures using picture effects  (Filter)
For the setting procedures for picture effects (Filter), refer to 
[Miniature Effect]
This effect blurs peripheral areas to give the impression of a diorama.
Items that can be set (Press   to display the setting screen)
Subdued coloring
Gaudy coloring
Defocusing a picture
You can create the impression of a diorama by intentionally creating 
a blurred area and focusing area using [Miniature Effect]. You can 
set the recording direction (direction of blurred area), position and 
size of the focusing area.
  Press [Fn1] button
  Press     or     to move the focusing area (frame)
  Turn the control dial to select the size of the focusing 
area (frame)
  Press [MENU/SET]
 •When you press [DISP.] button, the initial setting condition is 
The recording screen is displayed like a frame dropping with a slight delay compared to normal 
No audio is recorded for motion pictures.
When a motion picture is recorded, the finished recording will be approximately 1/10th of the actual 
recorded time period. (If you record a motion picture for 10 minutes, the resulting motion picture 
recording time will be approximately 1 minute.) The recordable time displayed on the camera is 
approx. 10x longer than actual time needed for recording. When the Recording Mode is changed, 
be sure to check the recordable time.
If you stop recording motion pictures too soon, the camera may continue recording until a certain 
time. Hold the camera until the camera stops recording.
If [MF] is selected for the focus mode, move the focusing area to the position at which the focus has 
been adjusted.