Bosch 255-w User Manual

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NBC 255-W and 265-W Wireless Connection Guide 
Objective: This wireless connection guide is designed to assist with establishing wireless connectivity between typical commercially 
available wireless routers and Bosch NBC 255-W / NBC 265-W cameras.  
Minimum prerequisites prior to starting: 
•  The NBC Camera should be assembled as per the directions of the quick installation guide provided with the camera 
Wireless antenna is attached 
SD card is installed 
Power adapter is connected to the camera 
•  Bosch Video Client and Configuration Manager software should be installed on your PC 
•  A physical Ethernet connection to the camera established 
•  Access to an 802.11 B, G, or backwards compatible N wireless router  
NOTE: If using an 802.11N router, review the manufacturer’s specifications for compatibility with 802.11G products. If 
the router is not backwards compatible it will not communicate with the camera
Step 1: Assigning an IP address to the NBC Camera 
The first step in establishing wireless communications is to 
assign a static IP address to the NBC camera. Open the 
Configuration Manager application on your PC.  
•  Once the program is opened you should see the 
NBC camera appear in the “Network” column as 
shown. By default all Bosch encoders and network 
cameras come with a factory default IP address of 
•  Manual Assignment: You can assign an IP address 
manually or by using the Configuration Wizard. We 
will cover the manual method first. Simply right
the camera in the “Network” column and the select 
“Device Network Settings…” as shown. 
•  Once the “Network settings” menu is open enter valid 
IP address information for the desired network and 
select “OK”. After selecting “OK: the camera will 
NOTE: Most off-the-shelf home wireless 
routers come preconfigured in a 192.168.1.x 
address range (Private C Class Address). 
For this guide we will use an address of