Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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Getting Started
Selecting a place to work
Avoid glare: position the notebook so that light sources (lamps 
or windows) do not shine or reflect directly into your eyes. 
Place the notebook display away from bright light sources or 
reduce the light intensity from windows by using blinds. Glare 
on the notebook display may cause eye strain, eye fatigue or 
Certain notebook displays have a brightness approaching that 
of a TV device. We recommend that you adjust the brightness 
of your notebook display to a comfortable level to prevent 
possible eye strain.
Keep your head level, facing forward and balanced over your 
Adjust the font size of text on your screen to make viewing 
Rest your eyes periodically by focusing on objects that are 
farther away.
Using the notebook with an external keyboard, mouse or monitor
(Sample Illustration) Correct posture
When using a notebook for long hours, it may be more 
comfortable to dock the notebook and use an external 
keyboard, mouse and monitor.
The keyboard and mouse (or trackball) should be close to your 
elbow level.
The mouse should be next to the keyboard to avoid a reach. If 
you have to reach, the arm should be supported in the forearm 
area by the desk surface or the chair arm supports.
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