ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
You will be warned when battery power is low. If you continue 
to ignore the low battery warnings, the Notebook PC eventually 
enters suspend mode (Windows default uses STR).
Screen captures shown here are examples only and may not 
reflect what you see in your system. 
Checking Battery Power
The battery system implements the Smart Battery standard under 
the Windows environment, which allows the battery to accurately 
report the amount of charge left in the battery. A fully-charged 
battery pack provides the Notebook PC a few hours of working 
power. But the actual figure varies depending on how you use the 
power saving features, your general work habits, the CPU, system 
memory size, and the size of the display panel.
Pointer over the battery icon without power adapter.
Pointer over the battery icon with 
power adapter.
Right-click the battery icon
Left-click the battery icon
WARNING!  Suspend-to-RAM (STR) does not last long when the 
battery power is depleted. STR is not the same as power OFF. 
STR requires a small amount of power and will fail and lose data 
if no power is available due to complete battery depletion or 
no power supply (e.g. removing both the power adapter and 
battery pack).
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