ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
WARNING!  DO NOT leave the battery pack discharged. The 
battery pack will discharge over time. If not using a battery pack, 
it must continued to be charged every three months to extend 
recovery capacity or else it may fail to charge in the future. 
The battery stops charging if the temperature is too high or the 
battery voltage is too high.
Charging the Battery Pack
Before you use your Notebook PC on the road, you will have to 
charge the battery pack. The battery pack begins to charge as 
soon as the Notebook PC is connected to external power using the 
power adapter. Fully charge the battery pack before using it for the 
first time. A new battery pack must completely charge before the 
Notebook PC is disconnected from external power. It takes a few 
hours to fully charge the battery when the Notebook PC is turned 
OFF and may take twice the time when the Notebook PC is turned 
ON. The battery status indicator on the Notebook PC turns OFF when 
the battery pack is charged.
The battery starts charging when the charge remaining in 
the battery drops below 95%. This prevents the battery from 
charging frequently. Minimizing the recharge cycles helps 
prolong battery life.
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