ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
Optional Accessories
These items, if desired, come as optional items to complement your 
Notebook PC.
USB Hub (Optional) 
Attaching an optional USB hub will increase your USB ports and 
allow you to quickly connect or disconnect many USB peripherals 
through a single cable.
USB Flash Memory Disk
A USB flash memory disk is an optional item that can provide 
storage up to several hundred megabytes, higher transfer speeds, 
and greater durability. When used in current operating systems, no 
drivers are necessary. 
USB Floppy Disk Drive 
An optional USB-interface floppy disk drive can accept a standard 
1.44MB (or 720KB) 3.5-inch floppy diskette. 
WARNING! To prevent system failures, use Windows “Safely 
Remove Hardware” on the taskbar before disconnecting the USB 
floppy disk drive. Eject the floppy disk before transporting the 
Notebook PC to prevent damage from shock.
Optional Connections
These items, if desired, may be purchased from third-parties.
USB Keyboard and Mouse
Attaching an external USB keyboard will allow data entry to be more 
comfortable. Attaching an external USB mouse will allow Windows 
navigation to be more comfortable. Both the external USB keyboard 
and mouse will work simultaneously with the Notebook PC’s built-in 
keyboard and touchpad.
Printer Connection
One or more USB printers can be simultaneously used on any USB 
port or USB hub.
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