ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
Operating System and Software
This Notebook PC may offer (depending on territory) its customers 
the choice of a pre-installed Microsoft Windows operating system. 
The choices and languages will depend on the territory. The levels 
of hardware and software support may vary depending on the 
installed operating system. The stability and compatibility of other 
operating systems cannot be guaranteed.
Support Software
This Notebook PC comes with a support disc that provides BIOS, 
drivers and applications to enable hardware features, extend 
functionality, help manage your Notebook PC, or add functionality 
not provided by the native operating system. If updates or 
replacement of the support disc is necessary, contact your dealer for 
web sites to download individual software drivers and utilities. 
The support disc contains all drivers, utilities and software for all 
popular operating systems including those that have been pre-
installed. The support disc does not include the operating system 
itself. The support disc is necessary even if your Notebook PC came 
pre-configured in order to provide additional software not included 
as part of the factory pre-install. 
A recovery disc is optional and includes an image of the original 
operating system installed on the hard drive at the factory. The 
recovery disc provides a comprehensive recovery solution that 
quickly restores the Notebook PC’s operating system to its original 
working state provided that your hard disk drive is in good working 
order. Contact your retailer if you require such a solution.
Some of the Notebook PC’s components and features may not 
work until the device drivers and utilities are installed.
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