ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
CAUTION! DO NOT connect to the Internet before you have 
installed an anti-virus software and Internet firewall to protect 
yourself from viruses.
Software Problem - ASUS bundled software
When I power ON the Notebook PC, there will be an “Open policy file 
error” message.
A.  Reinstall the latest version “Power4 Gear” utility to solve your 
problem. It is available on the ASUS website.
Unknown Reason - Blue screen with white text
A blue screen with white text appears after system bootup. 
1.  Remove additional memory. If additional memory was installed 
after purchase, power OFF, remove the additional memory, and 
power ON to see if the problem is due to incompatible memory.
2.  Un-install software applications. If you have installed software 
applications recently, they may not be compatible with your 
system. Try to un-install them in Windows Safe Mode.
3.  Check your system for viruses. 
4.  Update the BIOS to the latest version with Easy Flash in 
Windows or AFLASH in DOS mode. These utilities and BIOS files 
can be downloaded from the ASUS website. 
WARNING! Ensure your Notebook PC does not lose power during 
the BIOS flashing process.
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