Netgear C3700 – N600 WiFi Cable Modem Router User Manual

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Specify Network Settings 
N600 WiFi Cable Modem Router Model C3700 
Allow guest to see each other and access my local network. If this check box is 
selected, anyone who connects to this SSID has access to your local network, not just 
Internet access.
Give the guest network a name.
The guest network name is case-sensitive and can be up to 32 characters. You then 
manually configure the wireless devices in your network to use the guest network name in 
addition to the main SSID. 
Select a radio button for a security option. 
The WPA2 options use the newest standard for the strongest security, but some older 
computers and wireless devices cannot use it. NETGEAR recommends that you select 
the WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] radio button. This setting protects your WiFi 
network and lets computers and wireless devices can connect to the WiFi network by 
using either WPA2 or WPA security.
Click the Apply button. 
Your settings are saved.
Control the Wireless Radios
The modem router has an internal wireless radios that broadcasts signals in the 2.4 GHz 
range and 5 GHz range. By default, these radios are on so that you can connect wirelessly to 
the modem router. When the wireless radios are off, you can still use an Ethernet cable for a 
LAN connection to the modem router.
You can turn the wireless radios on and off with the WiFi On/Off button on the modem router, 
or you can log in to the modem router and enable or disable the wireless radios. If you are 
close to the modem router, it might be easier to press its WiFi On/Off button. If you are away 
from the modem router or have already logged in, it might be easier to enable or disable the 
Use the WiFi On/Off Button
To turn the wireless radios off and on with the WiFi On/Off button:
Press the WiFi On/Off button on the modem router for two seconds.
If you turned off the wireless radios, the WiFi On/Off LED and the WPS LED turn off. If 
you turned on the wireless radios, the WiFi On/Off LED and the WPS LED light.
Enable or Disable the Wireless Radios
If you used the WiFi On/Off button to turn off the wireless radios, you can’t log in to the 
modem router to turn them back on. You must press the WiFi On/Off button again for two 
seconds to turn the wireless radios back on.