Cisco Cisco Firepower Management Center 4000 Manual

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FireSIGHT System User Guide
A saved link to a specific location and time in an 
 analysis. Bookmarks retain information about 
 you are using, the part of the workflow you are viewing, the page number within the 
workflow you are viewing, the 
 you selected, and any columns you disabled, as well as any 
constraints you imposed.
built-in layer
A read-only 
 in an 
. An intrusion policy always includes a built-in 
and, optionally, can include a built-in 
business relevance
The likelihood that an 
 is used within the context of your organization’s business operations, 
as opposed to recreationally. An application’s business relevance can range from very low to very high.
bypass mode
A characteristic of an 
 that allows traffic to continue flowing if the 
s in the set 
fail for any reason.
captured file
A file detected in network traffic that a 
 copies, either for submission to the 
 to the device. You can 
review information about captured files from the 
certificate authority
The certificate issuer used to create server or user certificates. Server and user certificates provide an 
additional confirmation of a server or a user identity.
certificate revocation list (CRL)
A list of certificates revoked by the 
 that issued the user certificates for your 
appliance. This allows you to restrict access to the FireSIGHT System web interface using client browser 
certificate checking. If the user selects a certificate that is listed in the CRL as a revoked certificate, the 
browser cannot load the web interface. 
change reconciliation report
A detailed report of all system changes in the last 24 hours, based on snapshots taken whenever a new 
configuration is saved. You can configure the system to email these reports daily at a time that you 
Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services
A group of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA
s. The devices in this series 
include the ASA5512-X, ASA5515-X, ASA5525-X, ASA5545-X, ASA5555-X, ASA5585-X-SSP-10, 
ASA5585-X-SSP-20, ASA5585-X-SSP-40, and ASA5585-X-SSP-60 models.
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