Alesis wildfire User Manual

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EFFECT Knob Settings 
This is a parameter of the DIST module. 
Increasing levels of drive/gain for the DIST module. 
Pedal control of the drive/gain. 
EQ (Equalizer) 
This setting gives you a 4-band equalizer that you can use to shape the sound of 
your audio signal by cutting and boosting certain frequencies. 
Varying levels of cut and boost for low, middle and high audio 
frequencies broken down as follows: 
01 – 10: attenuated highs and emphasized lows 
11 – 20: less attenuation of highs and emphasis of lows 
21 – 24: emphasized midrange 
        25: Flat EQ curve 
26 – 30: emphasized highs 
31 – 40: attenuated lows and emphasized highs 
41 – 50: emphasized presence and lows 
Turns off the EQ. 
NR (Noise Reduction) 
This is a combination of two effects—hum elimination and noise reduction. 
Hum elimination works by cutting out the frequency that contains the hum 
(60Hz). Noise reduction works by gating the signal (muting the signal until its 
level rises above a certain point). 
Hum Elimination (Left digit of display) 
Increasing levels of hum elimination (60Hz harmonic notch filters). 
Turns off hum elimination. 
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