Alesis wildfire User Manual

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How to Use This Manual 
This manual is divided into the following sections 
describing the various functions and applications for the 
Wildfire. While it's a good idea to read through the 
entire manual once carefully, if you already have general 
knowledge about guitar amplifiers and effects, you 
should use the table of contents to look up specific 
Chapter 2: Hookup Diagram shows you how to get the 
Wildfire connected and turned on. 
Chapter 3: A Tour of the Wildfire describes all the controls 
and features of the unit. This chapter features labeled 
diagrams of the front and rear panels. The paragraphs 
that follow the diagrams provide more in-depth 
explanations of these features. 
Chapters 4 through 9 include step-by-step instructions for 
using the Wildfire, including how to select and edit 
programs, use the tuner function, store and copy 
programs, use the Defer Program Changes feature, and 
stereo-link two amplifiers. 
Chapter 10: Effects Knob Settings explains the Wildfire’s 
effect modules and types, as well as other settings 
controlled by the EFFECT and VALUE knobs. 
Chapter 11: Troubleshooting can give you a hand if you’re 
experiencing problems with the Wildfire. You’ll find that 
most issues can be resolved simply and quickly. 
Chapter 12: Specifications is full of information for the 
more technical users. 
Chapter 13: Contact Information lets you know the best way 
to reach us if you have any questions or comments. 
Helpful tips and advice 
are highlighted in a 
shaded box like this. 
When something 
important appears in 
the manual, an 
exclamation mark (like 
the one shown at left) 
will appear with some 
explanatory text. This 
symbol indicates that 
this information is vital 
when operating the 
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