Alesis wildfire User Manual

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A parameter is a control that changes the characteristics 
of an effect. When we use the word “parameter,” we are 
referring to the “direct control” parameter available to 
the DIST, FX1, FX2 and FX3 modules. DIST’s 
parameter is called DRIVE, and the parameters for FX1, 
FX2 and FX3 are labeled PARAM. The characteristic 
controlled by a parameter varies from effect to effect.  
A program is a combination of effect 
modules and their respective settings. 
In PLAY mode, you have quick access 
to the Wildfire’s eighty programs via the 
Program Up and Down buttons, optional 
footswitches and the VALUE knob. The 
programs are divided up into banks A – H and are 
identified by a bank letter and a program number on the 
Playing in Stereo 
The Wildfire outdoes most other guitar amplifiers by 
providing stereo output instead of the standard mono. 
We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the 
wonderful benefit this provides for your sound, because 
many of the Wildfire’s excellent effects will sound even 
better when you listen to them in stereo. See chapter 9 
for instructions on how to connect a second amplifier to 
the Wildfire using the STEREO LINK OUTPUT. If 
you don’t have a second amplifier, you can immediately 
enjoy the stereo effects simply by listening with 
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