Canon pixma ip4300 User Manual

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Paper not loaded properly.
Make sure of the following when you load paper in the printer.
When loading two or more sheets of paper, align the edges of the sheets 
before loading.
Always load the paper in portrait orientation, either in the Auto Sheet Feeder 
or the Cassette, regardless of the printing orientation.
When loading paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder, load the paper with the print 
side facing UP. Align the right edge of the paper stack against the Cover 
Guide and slide the Paper Guide so that it just touches the left edge of the 
When loading paper in the Cassette, load the paper with the print side facing 
DOWN. Align the right edge of the paper stack against the right edge of the 
Cassette and slide the Paper Guides against the left and bottom edges of the 
For details on loading paper, see “Loading Paper” on page 12.
Paper source selection is 
Make sure that the proper paper source is selected. If not, change the paper 
source using the Paper Feed Switch or the printer driver. For details, see 
“Changing the Paper Source” on page 11.
When printing from your computer, if a setting other than Paper Feed Switch is 
selected for Paper Source in the printer driver, the printer driver settings takes 
precedence when printing. For details on paper source selection using the 
printer driver, refer to the Printer Driver Guide on-screen manual.
Too much plain paper loaded.
You can load approximately up to 150 sheets of 17 lb / 64 gsm plain paper (0.52 
inches / 13 mm in stack height). However, proper feeding of paper may not be 
possible at this maximum capacity depending on the type of paper or 
environmental conditions (either very high or low temperature and humidity).
In such cases, reduce the sheets of paper you load at a time to around half 
(around 0.2 inches / 5 mm in paper stack height).
For details on loading paper, see “Loading Paper” on page 12.
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