Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Paper jammed inside the machine at 
the transport unit.
When reloading the paper in the machine, see “Paper Does Not Feed Properly” 
on page 79 to confirm that you 
are using the correct paper and are loading it into 
the machine correctly.
If you cannot remove the paper or if the paper tears inside the machine, or if the 
paper jam error continues after removing the paper, contact your Canon service 
Paper jammed inside the machine at 
the duplex transport section.
Remove the paper following the procedure below.
(1)Remove the Cassette.
If the paper is loaded in the Auto Sheet Feeder, remove the paper from the 
Auto Sheet Feeder and close the Paper Support.
(2)Stand the machine with the left side down.
(3)Slowly pull the jammed paper out while pulling the green cover toward you.
Set the machine back to its original position immediately after removing the 
jammed paper.
(4)If any paper is sticking out of the Cassette, reload the paper in the Cassette.
Reload paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder, if necessary.
(5)Insert the Cassette into the machine.
(6)Press the OK button on the machine.
When reloading the paper into the machine, see “Paper Does Not Feed 
Properly” on page 79 to con
firm that you are using the correct paper and are 
loading it into the machine correctly.
If you cannot remove a sheet of paper or a teared piece of paper inside the 
machine, or if the paper jam error continues after removing the paper, contact 
your Canon service representative.
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