Canon PowerShot A530 User Manual

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The camera supports use of the separately sold Wide Converter 
WC-DC52, Tele-converter TC-DC52A and Close-up lens 250D 
(52mm). In order to attach these lenses, you also need to use the 
separately sold Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC52F.
Wide Converter WC-DC52
Use this converter for taking wide-angle shots. The wide converter 
changes the focal length of the camera body’s lens by a factor of 
0.7x (the thread diameter is 52 mm).
Tele-converter TC-DC52A
This lens is used for taking telephoto shots. The lens changes the 
focal length of the camera body’s lens by a factor of 1.75x. (the 
thread diameter is 52 mm)
Using the Lenses (Sold Separately) 
(PowerShot A540 only)
When attaching the wide converter, tele-converter or 
close-up lens be sure to screw it on securely. If they come 
loose, they may fall from the lens adapter, posing risk of 
injury from shattered glass.
Never look into the sun or into strong light through the 
viewfinder, wide converter, tele-converter or close-up lens as 
this can result in blindness or impairment of vision.
If you use the flash when shooting with these attachments, 
the outer area of the recorded image (especially lower right 
corner) will come out relatively dark.
When using the tele-converter, please set the focal length 
to the telephoto end. At other zoom settings, the image will 
appear as if its corners have been cut off.
When using the wide converter, please set the camera to 
the wide angle end.
If you use the viewfinder for shooting, a portion of the view 
will be blocked by these attachments. Please use the LCD 
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