MiTAC w130 Service Manual

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  Support I2C Index read/write and block read/write operations. 
  Use external 14.318MHz crystal. 
1.3.3 Intel 855-GM GMCH IGUI 3D Graphic DDR/SDR Chipset 
  Intel 855-GM GMCH IGUI Host Memory Controller integrates a high 
performance host interface for Intel Banias processor, a high performance 
2D/3D Graphic Engine, a high performance memory controller, an AGP 
4X interface, and Intel®’ I/O Hub architecture INTEL 82801DBM ICH4-M. 
  Intel 855-GM GMCH Host Interface features the AGTL & AGTL+ 
compliant bus driver technology with integrated on-die termination to 
support Intel Pentium-M processors. 855-GM GMCH provides a 12-deep 
In-Order-Queue to support maximum outstanding transactions up to 12. It 
integrated a high performance 2D/3D Graphic Engine, Video Accelerator 
and Advanced Hardware Acceleration MPEGI/MPEGII Video Decoder for 
the Intel Pentium-M series based PC systems. It also integrates a high 
performance 2.1GB/s DDR266 Memory controller to sustain the 
bandwidth demand from the integrated GUI or external AGP master, host 
processor, as well as the multi I/O masters. In addition to integrated GUI, 
855-GM GMCH also can support external AGP slot with AGP 1X/2X/4X 
capability and Fast Write Transactions. A high bandwidth and mature 
Intel®’ I/O Hub architecture is incorporated to connect 855-GM GMCH 
and INTEL 82801DBM ICH4-Mtogether. Intel®’ I/O Hub architecture is 
developed into three layers, the Multi-threaded I/O Link Layer delivering 
1.2GB bandwidth to connect embedded DMA Master devices and external 
PCI masters to interface to Multi-threaded I/O Link layer, the 
Multi-threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in INTEL 82801DBM ICH4-M to 
transfer data w/ 533 MB/s bandwidth from/to Multi-threaded I/O Link layer 
to/from 855-GM GMCH, and the Multi-threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder 
in 855-GM GMCH to transfer data w/ 533 MB/s from/to Multi-threaded I/O 
Link layer to/from INTEL 82801DBM ICH4-M. 
  An Unified Memory Controller supporting DDR266 DRAM is incorporated, 
delivering a high performance data transfer to/from memory subsystem 
from/to the Host processor, the integrated graphic engine or external AGP 
master, or the I/O bus masters. The memory controller also supports the 
Suspend to RAM function by retaining the CKE# pins asserted in ACPI S3 
state in which only AUX source deliver power. The 855-GM GMCH adopts 
the Shared Memory Architecture, eliminating the need and thus the costs 
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