MiTAC w130 Service Manual

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2.5 Battery status 
Battery Warning 
  System also provides Battery capacity monitoring and gives user a 
warning so that user has chance to save his data before battery dead. 
Also, this function protects system from mal-function while battery 
capacity is low. 
  Battery Warning: Capacity below 10%, Battery Capacity LED flashes per 
second, system beeps per 2 seconds.   
  System will suspend to HDD after 2 Minutes to protect user data. 
Battery Low State 
  After Battery Warning State, and battery capacity is below 4%, system will 
generate beep for twice per second. 
Battery Dead State 
  When the battery voltage level reaches 9.32 volts, system will shut down 
automatically in order to extend the battery packs' life. 
2.6 CMOS Battery 
  CR2032 3V 220mAh lithium battery 
  When AC in or system main battery inside, CMOS battery will consume 
no power. 
  AC or main battery not exists, CMOS battery life at less    (220mAh/5.8uA) 
4 years. 
  Battery was put in battery holder, can be replaced. 
2.7 I/O Port 
  I/O Port – USB #1 
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