Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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At other times. Your phone continuously looks
fornew text messages and alerts you as they arrive
Reading New Text Messages
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Messages
and press 
2. Scroll to Read New and press 
Several icons may be displayed:
Character > at the end of the message—the
message is longer. Press Right on the Express Key to
read remaining text.
Character < at the beginning of a phone number—
the number has more digits. Press Left on the
Express Key to read remaining digits.
The     iconyou have received more than 1 new
text message. Press Down on the Express Key to
read the other messages.
After reading new text messages, you can:
Call the number displayed in the message by
Reply to the message by selecting the Respond sub-
Save the message by selecting the Save/Exit sub-
Delete the message by selecting the Delete sub-
Using Call Back Function
To call back the sender:
If a message contains only 1 number, you can call
the sender by pressing 
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