Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Main Menu
Join to add participants to a conference; rejoins a
conference after private conversation.
Private to choose a private conversation during
conference. Select a name or phone number.
Send DTMF tones to communicate with comput-
erized answering systems.
Messages to read, write or send text messages or to
set up your text message center (see “Message” in
Idle/Standby Main Menu).
Some of these features depend on your network
subscription. This icon      indicates such features.
Contact your Service Provider for more information.
Handset Speaker Volume
To adjust the voice volume during conversation either:
Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Voice Vol.
and press 
. Adjust volume using Right and Left
on the Express Key. Press 
 to accept the new
volume or 
 to leave the volume unchanged.
Press Up on the Express Key to increase the vol-
ume and press Down to decrease the volume.
Note: When multi-party call is active, the Up and
Down key selects a multi-party member.
To put a call on hold in order to place a second
call either:
Dial the desired phone number and press 
Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Hold  and
. Then dial the number followed by 
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