Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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When you put a call on hold the following happens:
While the phone is dialing, the first line of the
screen displays 1-Hold and a caller identifier (if
The second line displays 2-Dial and a caller identi-
fier (if available).
When the call connects, its status designation
changes from 2-Dial  to 2-Actv.
To change lines (the active call is put on hold and the
hold call becomes active), either:
Press 1 or 2, then 
Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Swap and
Multi-Party Conferencing
You can speak to as many as 5 people at one time. You
can also put an individual member on hold so you can
speak to others privately.
Adding Parties by Calling Them
1. Put the first call on hold by pressing 
 and dialing
a number, or vise versa. The screen displays the first
call with the status 1-Hold and the second with
2. Add the original call back into the conference by
selecting Join from the Main Menu and pressing
, or by pressing 3 and then 
. All parties are
now active.
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