Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Call Waiting
If Call Waiting is active and you have a second call, a
call waiting tone sounds, and the display changes as
The first line displays 1-Actv followed by the name
or the last 5 digits of the number for the person
you are speaking with (if available).
The second line displays 2-Wait and that person’s
name or the last 5 digits of the phone number (if
The bottom right part of the screen displays the
waiting caller’s phone number (if available).
When a call is waiting, you have the following options:
Reject the incoming call by pressing 0, then 
Hang up the first call and accept the second by
pressing 1, then 
Put the first call on hold and accept the second by
pressing 2 and 
, or simply press 
To hang up the active call select Reject from the
Conversation Menu.
Note: You can also reject calls, put calls on hold or take
calls off hold.
DTMF Tone Transmission
DTMF tones are the sounds your phone makes when
you enter digits. You may need to send DTMF tones
when you are communicating with computerized
answering systems.
While in Conversation:
1. Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Send
 and press 
2. Enter the desired DTMF string using the keypad,
then press