Panasonic DMC-TZ8 Operating Guide

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 Viewing your pictures
Playback Mode: 
 Deleting pictures
Playback Mode: 
When a card is in the camera, pictures are played back from the card, and without a card, 
pictures are played back from the built-in memory.
(Clipboard pictures can only be played back in [CLIPBOARD] Mode (→110).)
Select type of deletion
• To use 
ALL] → go to 
Select the pictures to delete 
• To release
→  Press 
 Picture selected
Pictures deleted will be from the card if the card is inserted, or from the built-in memory if 
the card is not inserted. (Deleted pictures cannot be recovered.)
Set to 
Press to delete displayed picture
Select [YES]
• Do not turn off 
the power during 
Use a sufficiently charged battery or an AC adaptor (optional) and DC coupler (optional).
Pictures cannot be deleted in the following cases:
• Protected pictures 
• Card switch is in ‘LOCK’ position. •  Pictures not of DCF standard (→44)
Motion pictures can also be deleted.
To delete clipboard pictures, set mode dial to 
To delete all data including protected pictures, perform [FORMAT].
Select [YES]
• To cancel → press [MENU/SET].
• May take time depending on 
number of pictures deleted.
be selected in [DELETE ALL] when 
[FAVORITE] is set to [ON] (→133) 
and pictures have been registered.
 To delete multiple (up to 50) or all pictures
     (after step  )
Zoom lever
Set to 
Scroll through pictures
File number
Picture number/
Total pictures
Hold down to quickly scroll forwards/
(Only file numbers change while held down; 
picture is displayed when released)
Scroll speed increases the longer you press. 
(Speed may vary according to playback 
If file number is not displayed, press the 
[DISPLAY] button.
After the final picture, display returns to the 
first picture.
Some pictures edited on a computer may 
not be able to be viewed on this camera.
If the REC/PLAY switch is moved from   to
 while the power is on, the lens barrel will 
be retracted after approx. 15 seconds.
This camera is compliant with the unified 
DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) 
standard formulated by the Japan 
Electronics and Information Technology 
Industries Association (JEITA), and with Exif 
(Exchangeable image file format). Files that 
are not DCF-compliant cannot be played 
To enlarge (Playback Zoom)
Turn to 
T side
Current zoom position (displayed 
for 1 sec.)
• Each time you turn the zoom lever 
toward the T side, the magnification 
increases through four levels 
after 1x: 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x. (The 
picture quality displayed becomes 
successively lower.)
• To reduce zoom→ 
Turn lever towards W side
• Move zoom position→ ▲▼◄►
To playback as list
(Multi Playback/Calendar 
Playback) (→114)
To view with different 
Playback Modes
(Slide Show, Category Playback, 
etc.) (→118)
To playback motion 
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