Panasonic DMC-LX100 Operating Guide

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Recording motion pictures
Recording motion pictures
About the compatibility of the recorded motion pictures
Motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD] or [MP4] may be played back with poor picture or 
sound quality or playback may not be possible even when played back with equipment 
compatible with these formats. Also, the recording information may not be displayed 
properly. In this case, use this unit.
 •When you import and play back motion pictures recorded with [FHD/28M/50p], 
[FHD/24M/25p], or [FHD/24M/24p] in [AVCHD] using a device other than this unit, 
a compatible Blu-ray disc recorder or PC installed with “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” is 
 •For details on motion pictures recorded with [4K/100M/25p] or [4K/100M/24p] in the 
[MP4] format, refer to “Enjoying 4K motion pictures” 
Adjusting the focus while recording motion pictures 
([Continuous AF])
Recording mode: 
Focusing varies depending on the focus mode 
 and the setting of [Continuous AF] 
in the [Motion Picture] menu.
[Continuous AF]
Allow the focus to be constantly adjusted 
automatically while recording motion pictures. 
Fix focus position at the start of motion picture 
[ON] / [OFF]
Allow the focus to be adjusted manually. 
 •When the focus mode is set to [AFS], [AFF], or [AFC], the camera will refocus if the 
shutter button is pressed halfway while recording motion pictures.
 •When Auto Focus is activated while you are recording motion pictures, the focusing 
operation sound may be recorded under some conditions. If you want to suppress this 
sound, we recommend taking pictures after setting [Continuous AF] to [OFF] in the 
[Motion Picture] menu.
 •When using zoom while recording motion pictures, it may take some time to focus.