Panasonic DMC-LX100 Operating Guide

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Recording motion pictures
Taking still pictures while a motion picture is being 
Recording mode: 
Still pictures can be recorded even while a motion picture is being recorded. 
(Simultaneous recording)
Press the shutter button fully during the 
motion picture recording
 •When you take a still picture, the simultaneous 
still/motion picture recording icon is displayed.
Setting the motion picture priority or still picture priority mode
Recording mode: 
You can use [Picture Mode] in the [Motion Picture] menu to set the recording method of a 
still picture to be taken while you record a motion picture.
 •Takes a still picture using [Picture Size] [S] (2M). The picture quality may be different 
to [S] (2M) of standard pictures.
 •Only pictures in JPEG file format are recorded when [Quality] is set to [ 
 ], [ 
or [   ]. ([Quality] is used with the [   ] setting when [   ] is set.)
 •You can take up to 30 still pictures while you are recording a motion picture.
 •When the picture effect (Filter) is set to [Miniature Effect], a still picture may be taken 
with a slight delay from the time you fully press the shutter button.
 •A still picture is taken with [Picture Size] and [Quality] that you have set.
 •While a still picture is being taken, the screen turns black. During this period, the still 
picture is taken in the motion picture and the audio is muted.
 •You can take up to 4 still pictures while you are recording a motion picture.
The aspect ratio of a still picture is fixed to [16:9].
Not available in the following cases:
Still pictures cannot be recorded in the following cases:
 •When [Rec Format] is set to [MP4], [Rec Quality] is set to [4K/100M/25p], [4K/100M/24p], or 
 •When [Rec Format] is set to [AVCHD], [Rec Quality] is set to [FHD/24M/24p] (only available with 
 ] ([Photo Priority]) setting)