Panasonic DMC-LX100 Operating Guide

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Playing Back and Editing Pictures
Viewing the group picture
You can consecutively play back multiple pictures in a group or play back group pictures 
one by one.
 ]:  Group pictures recorded consecutively by setting 
[Burst Rate] to [SH] 
 ]:   Group pictures recorded using [Time Lapse Shot] 
 ]:   Group pictures recorded using [Stop Motion 
 •You can delete or edit pictures in group units. (For example, 
if you delete one of pictures in a group, all pictures in that 
group will be deleted.)
15 pic.
15 pic.
Playing back group pictures consecutively
Select a picture with the group picture icon ([ 
 ], [ 
 ], or [ 
and press 
 •When you play back group pictures one by one, the option settings are displayed.
[From the first picture]:  Play back the group pictures consecutively from the first picture in a 
[From the current picture]:  Play back the group pictures consecutively from the picture currently 
played back.
Operations during continuous playback
Continuous playback / Pause
Fast rewind playback
Fast forward playback
Returning to the previous picture 
(while paused)
Scrolling to the next picture 
(while paused)