Sony Glass Sound Speaker (LSPX-S1) Owner's Manual

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Parts and Controls 
Do not directly touch areas 
̘, ̙, and ̛.
Buttons/Indicators/Terminals section
̔ DC IN 19.5 V jack
̕ AUDIO IN jack
̖ ON/STANDBY (power) button/indicator
Press briefly to turn the illumination LED on and off. 
Press and hold to turn the speaker on and off.
̗ BLUETOOTH indicator 
Speaker/Illumination LED section
̘ Passive radiator
̙ Glass tweeter
̚ Illumination LED
̛ Woofer
̜ Reflector
Base operating section
 (illumination LED) +/– buttons
Raise and lower the brightness of the illumination LED.
̞ TIMER/  PAIRING button
Press briefly to set the Sleep Timer.
Press and hold to turn on pairing mode.
̟ ADD (Speaker Add function) button
̠   (volume) +/– buttons
̡ RESET button
̢ N-Mark
Touch here when connecting by One-touch (NFC).
Be sure to charge the speaker before using it for the first time.
Connect the AC adaptor to the DC IN 19.5 V jack.
Charging begins, and the ON/STANDBY indicator (red) turns on.
When battery power becomes low, the ON/STANDBY (red) indicator flashes, and 
after a short while, the speaker automatically turns off.
Turning the Power On/Off
Press and hold the ON/STANDBY button for at 
least two seconds.
If you press the ON/STANDBY button briefly while the speaker is on, the 
illumination LED turns on/off.
How to Make a Wireless Connection 
with BLUETOOTH Devices
Select your case from the pairing types below.
  Pairing and connecting with a BLUETOOTH device
  Connecting with a BLUETOOTH device by One-touch (NFC)
Pairing and connecting with a 
If no BLUETOOTH devices are paired with the speaker when it is turned 
on, it will automatically enter pairing mode. Proceed to step 2.
Press and hold the TIMER/  PAIRING button for 
at least two seconds.
The speaker will make a sound to indicate that pairing mode has 
been entered, and the BLUETOOTH indicator (white) will flash.
Detect the speaker from the BLUETOOTH device 
and select [LSPX-S1].
Confirm that the BLUETOOTH indicator (white) 
has lit up.
The connection has been made.
If the indicator turns off in the middle of the operation, turn the power off 
and back on and then perform the operation again.
Connecting with a BLUETOOTH device 
by One-touch (NFC)
Unlock the screen of your BLUETOOTH device 
and touch it to the N marked area on the bottom 
of the speaker.
This operation can be performed even when the speaker is 
turned off.
Confirm that the BLUETOOTH indicator (white) 
has lit up.
The connection has been made.
Disconnecting by One-touch
Touch the N marked area with the device again.
When you cannot establish a connection
ŞMove the BLUETOOTH device slowly over the N marked area.
ŞIf the BLUETOOTH device is in a case, remove it from the case.
Listening to Music
Start playback on the BLUETOOTH device and adjust 
the volume.
Set the volume at an appropriate level on the connected device and 
adjust the volume with the   +/– buttons on the speaker.
Listening to Music from an External 
Connect a portable audio device to the AUDIO IN 
jack using an audio cable* (not supplied).
* Stereo mini to stereo mini, no resistor
Start playback on the connected device.
When listening to music from a BLUETOOTH device, remove the connection cord 
from the AUDIO IN jack.
Other Functions
  Adjusting the Brightness of the 
Illumination LED
Press the   +/– buttons
Press and hold the button for rapid adjustments.
  Using the Sleep Timer
Press the TIMER/  PAIRING button.
A sound will indicate that the Sleep Timer has been set, and the power 
will automatically turn off after 60 minutes.*
* The duration setting can be changed by using SongPal.
Canceling the Sleep Timer
Press the TIMER/  PAIRING button again. A sound will indicate that 
the Sleep Timer has been canceled.
  Listening to Music with Two 
Speakers (Speaker Add Function)
Two LSPX-S1 speakers can play in stereo (stereo mode) or can play the 
same sound (double mode).
When using the Speaker Add function, one speaker acts as the 
“master unit,” while the other acts as the “satellite unit.”
Master unit
Satellite unit
Turn on two speakers and bring them within 1 m 
(3 ft) of each other. Then press and hold the ADD 
button for at least two seconds on each.
A sound will indicate that the Speaker Add function has been 
activated, and the BLUETOOTH indicator (orange) will flash.
Briefly press the ADD button on the speaker that 
you want to set as the master unit.
The speaker that you operate will release a sound to indicate that 
it has been set as the “master unit” (left (L) channel). 
Another sound will indicate when the Speaker Add function is 
completely set up.
Pair your BLUETOOTH device with the master 
For details, see “
How to Make a Wireless Connection with 
If pairing has already been performed, then just connect.
Start playback on the BLUETOOTH device.
Ş Once setup is complete, the speakers can be separated by more than 1 m (3 ft).
Ş While using the Speaker Add function, the volume and brightness of both 
speakers are synchronized. Adjustments can be made from either speaker.
Switching between stereo mode and double mode
Each time you press the ADD button on the master unit while using 
the Speaker Add function, the mode switches in this order: stereo 
mode (left channel) 
‚ stereo mode (right channel) ‚ double mode.
When switching the channel in stereo mode, the satellite unit 
automatically switches to the opposite channel.
In stereo mode, the BLUETOOTH indicator for the left (L) channel is 
orange, and for the right (R) channel is red. In double mode, both 
BLUETOOTH indicators are orange.
Canceling the Speaker Add function
Press and hold the ADD button for at least two seconds. A sound will 
indicate when the setting has been canceled.
You cannot listen to music from an external device connected to the AUDIO IN 
jack while using two speakers.
©2016 Sony Corporation    Printed in Japan
When the speaker is not working properly, resetting it may resolve 
some issues.
Use a pointed object, such as a pin, to press the RESET button.
Pairing information is not erased by resetting the speaker.
Refer to the Help Guide for more detailed solutions.
There is noise when connected via BLUETOOTH.
This may be caused by signal interference. Try moving the speaker to 
a different location. If the noise disappears depending on the location, 
the speaker has not malfunctioned. Using SongPal to switch the 
BLUETOOTH codec to [Prioritize connection] (SBC) may also resolve the 
The speaker automatically turns off, and the ON/
STANDBY indicator flashes in red.
The speaker has entered protect mode. Unplug the power cord, and 
then remove all connected cords from the jacks on the speaker. 
Reconnect the power cord and turn on the speaker. If the issue is not 
resolved, contact your nearest Sony dealer.
BLUETOOTH is connected, but there is no sound.
ŞMake sure that the speaker is turned on. 
When the speaker is on, the ON/STANDBY indicator is lit up in white or 
ŞMake sure that the speaker has a BLUETOOTH connection with the 
BLUETOOTH device. 
ŞPair the speaker with the BLUETOOTH device again.
ŞThe volume of the speaker or BLUETOOTH device may be low. 
Adjust the volume to a moderate level.
ŞIf a cord is connected to the AUDIO IN jack of the speaker or to the 
BLUETOOTH device, unplug it.
SongPal allows you to operate any supported Sony audio devices from 
your smartphone/iPhone.
How to Download
Search for SongPal in Google Play™ (Play Store) or the App 
Store, and download.
ŞAdjust the illumination LED
ŞSet the sound quality
ŞSet the BLUETOOTH codec
ŞSet the Sleep Timer
For details, refer to the help page for SongPal
Ş While using SongPal, the sound source cannot be switched between a 
BLUETOOTH device and a device connected to the AUDIO IN jack.
Ş The operations that SongPal can perform vary depending on the audio device. 
Specifications for the app are subject to change without prior notice.
Help Guide Information
Refer to the Help Guide for more easy-to-understand troubleshooting 
tips. Use a computer or smartphone/iPhone to access it.
Startup Guide
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