Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Smart Portrait Mode (Enhancing Human Faces When Shooting)
Functions Available in Smart Portrait Mode
• Glamour retouch (A42)
• Smile timer (A44)
• Self-Collage (A45)
• Flash mode (A50)
• Smart portrait menu (A138)
Using Skin Softening and Foundation Makeup
• When smart portrait mode is set to Skin softening or Foundation makeup and 
the camera detects a human face, it processes the image to soften facial skin tones 
or adjust facial colors before saving the image (up to three faces).
• You can also save images with the Skin softening effect applied when shooting 
in o (scene auto selector) mode, or Portrait or Night portrait scene mode. The 
amount of effect cannot be adjusted.
• You can also apply the effects of Skin softening or Foundation makeup in 
Glamour retouch in the playback menu after shooting (
Notes About Skin Softening and Foundation Makeup
• It may take more time than usual to save images after shooting.
• Under some shooting conditions, the desired results may not be achieved, and the effects 
may be applied to areas of the image where there are no faces.