Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Smart Portrait Mode (Enhancing Human Faces When Shooting)
Using Smile Timer
When you press the multi selector 
J to select a Smile 
timer and press the 
k button, the camera 
automatically releases the shutter whenever a smiling 
face is detected.
• Set the glamour retouch function before selecting 
smile timer (
• When you press the shutter-release button to take a 
picture, smile timer is terminated.
Notes About Smile Timer
• Under some shooting conditions, the camera may be unable to detect faces or smiles 
A58). The shutter-release button can also be used for shooting.
• This function may not be available to use in combination with other functions (A64).
When the Self-timer Lamp Flashes
When using smile timer, the self-timer lamp flashes when the camera detects a face and 
flashes quickly immediately after the shutter is released.
Enter shooting mode 
M A (shooting mode) button M F Smart portrait mode 
M k button
Smile timer