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SAP® Extension Connector for OfficeMaster Suite
Unified Communications integration (fax, SMS, e-mail) for SAP ERP ECC 6.0, SAP NetWeaver, mySAP ERP, 
SAP R/3 (3.16 - 4.7)
Business Case and Benefits
Using OfficeMaster Suite, buyers send orders directly from 
their Materials Management (MM) software, sellers send 
offers from their Sales and Distribution Processing (SD) 
software, and accountants send notices from Financial 
Accounting (FI) without having to print out documents 
first. Thanks to the complete integration in SAP, sending 
is made easy at the press of a button directly within the 
Checking the transmission status is just as easy. The user 
receives a legally binding fax transmission report at their 
SAP Business Workplace, which can then be printed and/ 
or archived fully automatically.
The user‘s incoming messages are also stored in the  SAP 
Business Workplace. This creates an integrated cycle that 
optimizes workflows in the  company
Customer statement „OfficeMaster works superbly. You 
don‘t  often find software documentation as good as 
yours: really excellent, detailed and easy to understand.“ 
(ERP Sourcing AG, Switzerland)
E-mail, fax and SMS
For years already, SAP has enabled users to send 
documents, such as quotations, as PDF attachments via 
e-mail. Once released, the quotation is simply sent to 
the e-mail address saved in the accounts vendor master 
record. This is where OfficeMaster steps in.
OfficeMaster features an e-mail component. An SAP user 
who creates a business document has the choice of print- 
ing, faxing or e-mailing it. OfficeMaster Suite receives 
the  quotation, sends it over the network, and reports the  
status. The status report is a transmission confirmation 
message, i.e. the  mail transmission is confirmed, just 
like mailing a normal letter.
Quotations sent by fax instead of e-mail return a confir-
mation of reception, similar to a registered letter. When 
a fax is sent, the  recipient‘s fax machine confirms that it 
has been received correctly.
For this reason SAP supports faxes as well as e-mail  
transmissions. OfficeMaster Suite also makes it possible to 
send and receive SMS messages directly in SAP.
SAP® Extension Connector
▪ Extends  OfficeMaster Suite with a high-performance 
SAP connection.
▪ SAP-certified since 1997
Fax, SMS, e-mail
▪ Direct fax transmission from applications such as SD, 
MM, FI, CO, HR and others
▪ Fax reception in SAP Business Workplace and  inte-
gration with SAP Workflow
▪ SMS transmission directly  from SAP, such as service-
contracts and system status
▪ E-mail  transmission with quotations and orders  by 
Internet e-mail  as PDF documents
▪ Transmission status in SAP, optionally via Microsoft 
Exchange and Notes/Domino
▪ Monitoring: Status and trace information in SAP
▪ Stationery: Overlay feature for outgoing faxes
▪ Connection via SMTP or SAPconnect: Full integration 
▪ Unicode support