Behringer C-1U Product Datasheet

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Product Information Document
USB Studio Condenser Microphone
Condenser Microphones
Professional, large-diaphragm 
condenser microphone with built-in 
USB interface, ideal for podcasters 
and musicians
Plug this amazing USB-mic straight 
into your computer and turn your PC 
or Mac computer into a recording 
system without the need for any 
other hardware
Directly works with your PC or Mac* 
computer—ultra-low latency ASIO* 
driver for PC audio optimization 
available at
Exceptionally fl at frequency 
response and ultra-high sound 
resolution perfect for voice, acoustic 
instruments, etc.
Cardioid pickup pattern for 
outstanding sound source 
separation and feedback rejection
Pressure-gradient transducer with 
shock-mounted capsule
Free audio recording, editing 
and podcasting software plus 
150 instrument/eff ect plug-ins 
downloadable at
USB connection cable included
Swivel stand mount included
Ultra-rugged construction with 
metal die-cast body
3-Year Warranty Program**
Conceived and designed by 
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MUSIC Group. Product names are mentioned solely as a reference for 
compatibility, eff ects and/or components. 
**Warranty details can be found at
The C-1U is a digital home recording 
or podcasting enthusiast’s dream 
come true. This professional-quality 
condenser microphone is identical 
to the acclaimed 
 mic, with one 
awesome diff erence: it has a built-
in USB interface so you can be ready 
to record faster than ever – and with 
minimal preparation and equipment. 
We’ve even included a USB cable and 
swivel mic stand mount, so just plug it 
into your computer and start recording!
What is a USB 
Condenser Microphone
The primary type of microphone used 
in recording studios and radio stations, 
condenser microphones are the ideal choice 
for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments. 
Unlike a dynamic microphone, a condenser 
microphone collects sound from throughout 
an environment such as a room, rather than 
only picking up what’s happening directly in 
front of it. It is capable of capturing much more 
detail with a wider, fl atter frequency response. 
But conventional condenser microphones 
aren’t designed to interface with a computer 
– you also have to provide a microphone 
preamplifi er and an analog-to-USB interface. 
The C-1U features a built-in USB interface that derives the needed power directly from 
your computer’s USB input and requires no special drivers. Just plug in and start recording 
your masterpiece!