Bosch Appliances Washer/Dryer WAP24201UC User Manual

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Parts provided with your washer
Back side of the washing mashine
Washer drum contents
2 water supply hoses are shipped in the washer drum. 
Be sure to remove each of these items from the drum 
before using the washer.
NOTICE:  If any parts are missing please notify your 
dealer immediately.
Set up on a pedestal with drawer
Pedestal item number: WMZ 20490
Mount washer on the pedestal according to the 
instructions in the installation kit.
Installation checklist
Review the following list and check off each step as it is 
completed during installation.
Importance of installing on a solid, level 
Your new Bosch washing machine utilizes high spin 
speeds to achieve superior water removal from your 
laundry resulting in reduced drying time. It is important to 
install your washing machine on a floor that will provide 
firm support. This prevents the washer from experiencing 
excess vibration during spinning that could cause the 
washer to move or be noisy.
The installation surface must be solid and level in both 
directions. Avoid installing your washer on soft surfaces 
such as floors with carpet or foam backed covering 
If installing the washer on a wooden floor, observe the 
install the washer in a corner for better support if 
if necessary, reinforce the floor by screwing a water 
resistant wooden board to the floor (minimum of 
1.18 in./30 mm thick).
secure the front feet of the washing machine with 
holding brackets. A set of holding brackets can be 
obtained from a specialist store or from Customer 
Service (part number WMZ 2200).
Power cord with plug
Literature pack; contents:
User manual
Covers with hose holders
Drain hose
Elbow to form the hose to fit the drain pipe

Hot water connection
Cold water connection
Installation Step
If installing to a pedestal (base), com-
plete the base installation before 
removing the transportation bolts
Completely remove all four shipping 
bolts keeping the bolt and bushing 
assemblies intact
Connect the water supply hose and 
drain hose
Connect the electrical power
Slide the washing machine into its final 
Level the washing machine (as low as 
Before washing laundry, run a mainte-
nance cycle