Bosch Appliances Washer/Dryer WAP24201UC User Manual

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Grounding Instructions
This appliance must be grounded. In the event of 
malfunction or breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk 
of electric shock by providing a path of least resistance 
for the electric current. This appliance is equipped with a 
cord that has an equipment grounding conductor and a 
grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an 
appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded 
in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
Important Points
Do not modify the plug provided with the appliance. If 
the plug will not fit into the outlet have a properly 
grounded outlet installed by a qualified electrician. Do 
not cut, remove or bypass the grounding prong on the 
washer power cord plug.
The washer power cord plug must be easily 
accessible when the washer is operating.
When unplugging or plugging in the washer power 
cord, grasp the plug. Do not pull on the power cord to 
unplug the washer. 
The household electrical supply must be suitable for 
the voltage specification shown on the washer rating 
plate (located inside the washer door, immediately 
below the drum opening). 
~ Purchase information; Page 4
See the table below for connection specfications and 
fuse/breaker requirements.
The wiring for the electrical outlet circuit must be 
sufficient to meet the appliance requirements. Use of a 
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is 
Protect the power cord from physical damage, such as 
being twisted, kinked, pinched, caught in a door, or 
walked upon.
If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a 
qualified person to avoid a fire/shock hazard. 
Replacement power cords are available through 
The washing machine must only be connected to an 
individual branch circuit via a socket which has been 
properly installed and grounded.
Make sure that:
- the power plug fits into the socket
- the wire size is sufficient
- the grounding system is properly installed:
The power cord may be replaced by an electrican 
only. Replacement power cords are available from 
Customer Service. To reduce the risk of fire or 
electrical shock, DO NOT use an extension cord or an 
adapter to connect the washing machine to the power 
supply. If a ground fault circuit breaker is to be used, 
only use the types marked with the following symbol: 
. Only this symbol can guarantee compliance with 
all current regulations.
Transporting the washer
Before transporting the washer
Disconnect the washer power cord from the wall 
Turn off the water supply to the washer.
Disconnect water supply lines from the tap.
Disconnect the drain hose from the drain location.
Install the transport bolt assemblies as shown below.
Remove the transport bolt hole covers
Remove all four transport bolt hole covers.
Pull the tip of the arrow on the cover out slightly to 
disengage the locking tab.
Rotate the cover counterclockwise to remove. Repeat 
for all 4 transport bolt hole covers.
Insert the transport bolt assemblies
Each assembly consists of a plastic bushing and a 
bolt that extends through the bushings. Unscrew the 
bolt until the threaded end is flush with the end of the 
plastic bushing.
Insert the transportation bolt and bushing assembly as 
shown. The metal housing slides around the bolt 
through the slot in the plastic bushing as the bushing 
is slid into place. The open part of the bushing slot 
should be facing the direction shown to allow the 
assembly to slide fully into place.
When the bolt is in place screw it in until the bolt 
threads engage the drum. Double check and ensure 
bolts are screwed into threaded holes and not into 
adjecent cracks or crevices. Repeat the process for all 
4 transportation bolt assemblies before tightening any 
all the way. Complete tightening all 4 bolt assemblies 
until they are each snug in place.
208 - 240
2.880 max.