Ronco 4000 Standard Stainless Rotisserie Oven Instruction Manual

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INSTRUCTIONS: How to Tie Turkey
How to tie a chicken using 2 ties
Using two ties, shorten them both and put  
one over the wings and one over the legs.  
It’s very easy.
you can also use several Food Ties to secure 
any bird. If you run out of Food Ties you can 
use butcher’s twine until you can order more 
Food Ties.
How to tie turkey 
Tie your turkey right: make it tight! When preparing a Turkey, the wings and legs  
must be tied down securely to prevent them from touching the heating element.
reMeMBer:  your must use Heavy Twine or String when fixing your Turkey. 
DO NOT use the elastic Food Ties. Keep the cavity open to heat. 
Stuffing rotisserie poultry is not recommended.  
Depending on the model of your rotisserie, you will only be able to cook a certain size 
turkey.  Please see below:
As your Turkey rotates, the wings and legs do have a tendency to bow out. It is VERy 
IMPORTANT that you follow these instructions to make sure that no part of your Turkey 
touches the Heating Element!
MAke Four or FiVe tieS WitH HeAVY StrinG or tWine!
tie Your turkeY in Four or FiVe SpotS: 
Two ties over the Wings, One or Two ties over the 
wide part of the Drumsticks, and One tie over 
the Legs, as shown above. Be sure that nothing 
hangs over or extends beyond the Gear Wheels. 
Always center your Turkey on the Spit Rods.
reMeMBer to tie eAcH StrinG AS tiGHtLY 
AS poSSiBLe.
If any part of your Turkey (or any game bird or other food) Touches the Heating Element 
while cooking, 
iMMeDiAteLY turn oFF Your rotiSSerie and re-tie the Bird more 
securely. If, after re-tying, any part of your Turkey is still touching the Heating Element, 
the bird is too big and must be trimmed down, where necessary.
  3000 Series      
• Dimensions: 18.5” x 
   13.8” x 15”
• 10 lb maximum
  4000 Series      
• Dimensions: 20.5” x 
   17.5” x 15.6”
• 15 lb maximum
  5000 Series      
• Dimensions: 18.7” x 
   16.7” x 16.3”
• 15 lb maximum
  6000 Series      
• Dimensions: 25.6” x 
   16.5” x 18.7”
• 23 lb maximum