Samsung ME18H704SFG/AA Installation Instruction

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Step-by-step installation guide
pinch the cord or lift the oven by pulling cord.
1.  Lift the microwave, tilt 
it forward, and hook 
the slots at the back 
bottom edge onto the 
four lower tabs of the 
mounting plate.
2.  Rotate the front of 
the oven up against 
the cabinet bottom.
3.  Insert a self-aligning screw through the top 
center cabinet hole. Temporarily secure the oven 
by turning the screw at least two full turns after 
the threads have engaged. (It will be completely 
tightened later.) Be sure to keep the power 
cord tight. Be careful not to pinch the cord, 
especially when mounting flush to the 
bottom of the cabinet.
Cabinet Front
Filler Block
Microwave Oven Top
Self-Aligning Screw
Equivalent to
Depth of
Cabinet Recess
Cabinet Bottom Shelf
to Depth of 
Cabinet Recess
Cabinet Bottom Shelf
Microwave Oven Top
Cabinet Front
Filler Block
Self-Aligning Screw
4.  Attach the microwave oven to the top cabinet.
5.  Insert the 2 self-aligning screws through the 
cabinet bottom and, if used, through the filler 
blocks into the outer top of the unit. (See the 
illustration above). Continue to support the unit 
until both screws are inserted and engaged at 
least two full turns, then fully tighten both screws 
until the unit is secure.
6.  Install the grease filters. See the Owner’s Manual 
packed with the microwave for instructions.
NOTE: For models with installed grease filters, you 
do not need to install a filter
House Duct
House Duct
1.  Extend the house duct down to connect to the 
exhaust adaptor.
2.  Seal the exhaust duct joints using duct tape.
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