Nikon Coolpix W300 Manual De Propietario

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* See the included “SnapBridge Connection Guide” and SnapBridge online help.
Cannot perform remote 
photography from a 
smart device that has a 
wireless connection 
established with the 
SnapBridge app.*
• Remote photography cannot be performed when 
a memory card is not inserted into the camera. 
Insert a memory card.
• You may not be able to perform remote 
photography while the camera is being operated.
Cannot download still 
images at the original 
size in the SnapBridge 
For Bluetooth connections, the image size 
downloaded is restricted to 2 megapixels. To 
download still images at the original size, switch 
Download selected pictures in the SnapBridge 
app to a Wi-Fi connection.
Images saved in the 
camera are not 
displayed on a 
connected smart device 
or computer.
If the number of images saved on a memory card in 
the camera exceeds 10,000, images captured 
thereafter may not be displayed in a connected device.
• Reduce the number of images saved on the memory 
card. Copy the necessary images to a computer, etc.
Images are not 
displayed on TV.
• A computer or printer is connected to the camera.
• The memory card contains no images.
• Remove the memory card to play back images in 
the internal memory.

Nikon Transfer 2 does 
not start when the 
camera is connected to 
a computer.
• The camera is off.
• The battery is exhausted.
• The USB cable is not correctly connected.
• The camera is not recognized by the computer.
• The computer is not set to start Nikon Transfer 2 
automatically. For more information about 
Nikon Transfer 2, refer to help information 
contained in ViewNX-i.
The PictBridge screen is 
not displayed when the 
camera is connected to 
a printer.
With some PictBridge-compatible printers, the 
PictBridge startup screen may not be displayed and 
it may be impossible to print images when Auto is 
selected for Charge by computer in the setup 
menu. Set Charge by computer to Off and 
reconnect the camera to the printer.
Images to be printed 
are not displayed.
• The memory card contains no images.
• Remove the memory card to print images in the 
internal memory.

Cannot select paper size 
with the camera.
The camera cannot be used to select the paper size in the 
following situations, even when printing from a PictBridge-
compatible printer. Use the printer to select the paper size.
• The printer does not support the paper sizes 
specified by the camera.
• The printer automatically selects the paper size.