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BT-Q818 Super 51-CH Performance Bluetooth GPS Receiver 
BT-Q818 Quick Installation Guide 
Thank you for purchasing Qstarz BT-Q818 Super 51-CH Performance 
Bluetooth GPS Receiver. It 
provides 51-Channel All-In-View Tracking and 32 hours of navigation with Smart Power control for 
power saving. 
A. Standard Package 
GPS Unit BT-Q818 (1) + Lithium-ION Rechargeable Battery (2) + Cigarette Adapter (3) + Optional Travel Charger (4) + Warranty Card + 
Quick Installation Guide. (* Travel Charger plug type might be adjusted according to corresponding countries.) 
1.                                              2.                                      3.                                                  4. (Optional) 
B. Appearance 
1.    Power jack (mini USB type)   
2.  Power switch  
3.    Battery status LED (Red/Green)   
4.    Bluetooth status LED (Blue)   
5.    GPS status LED (Orange)   
6.  Internal antenna  
C. Battery installation
C-1 Put Battery in place:  Press the PUSH button on the bottom side of the unit (1) and pull out the battery cover. Insert battery in the 
unit (2) and put battery cover on to the cabinet (3), then push down and force it forward to fit firmly (4). 
                          1.                                                        2.                                                            3.                                                            4. 
C-2 Take Battery out:
  Press the PUSH button on the bottom side of the unit (1) and pull out the battery cover (2). Then take out the 
battery from the unit (3).   
                    1.                                                              2.                                                            3.                                                                       
D. Charging your battery 
E. Start to use 
E-1    Activate the Bluetooth function in your PDA/Smart phone or PC 
Before activating the Bluetooth function in your PDA/PC, please switch on BT-Q818 Receiver for paring and check if your device is 
equipped with Bluetooth function. If not, you may need to acquire an optional CF/SD Bluetooth card or Bluetooth dongle. 
NOTE: The code is “
” if required for the pairing in the first time. 
E-2    Automatically create a shortcut in Bluetooth Manager window 
For the first time using the BT-Q818, please charge battery until it is fully 
charged. Take the power cable and connect it to the power jack (mini USB 
type) and recharge through travel charger or car cigarette adaptor. This will 
begin to charge the battery. Charging time is 3 hours typically. 
- When the Power LED is Red, battery power is low status. Please recharge. 
- When the Power LED is Green, the battery is under charging mode. 
- When the Power LED is blinking, the battery is fully charged.