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Next Generation GPS              Super  51-CH  Bluetooth  GPS             
BT-Q818 Quick Guide             
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After the pairing complete, the system will then find a quick connect device “iBT-GPS” in Bluetooth Manager. In further use, you just need 
to click it to connect to this Bluetooth GPS Receiver. 
E-3    Check the Serial Port in Bluetooth Setting 
After complete pairing with the Receiver, please click “Serial Port” to confirm the assigned COM port. If you use PDA/PC to pair the GPS 
Receiver, please check “Outbound COM port”.
E-4    Set correct Serial Port in your map software 
Activate your navigation software and make sure to select the correct “Serial Port”.   
NOTE 1: In the map software such as TomTom, you might need to change preference and set “Other Bluetooth GPS” according 
to PDA/phone model. In some case please consult map software company to vary the setting if you have issue on positioning. 
NOTE 2: There might be specific setting requirement per navigation software. Such as Tomtom, please delete other GPS settings 
under Tomtom software, and keep one only.
E-5  Switch off the Bluetooth function 
Switch off GPS function in your PDA/Smart phone/PC, then the Bluetooth connection will be disconnected automatically. Then put 
BT-Q818 power switch to “OFF” position. 
F. Function of Auto On-Off (Power saving mode) 
BT-Q818 supports Auto On-Off (Power saving mode). It can automatically enter sleeping mode after the Bluetooth connectivity is turned 
off, so the Blue LED will turn to flash every 5 seconds. Thus you can always power it on with very low power consumption.   
Under power saving mode, when detecting Bluetooth is being connected, BT-Q818 will auto wake up itself and the blue LED will turn to 
flash every 1 second and GPS Orange LED will be also On. 
G-1  LED Indicators 
Status Symbol 
Power (Red/Green) 
Low Power (Red) 
Fully charged (Green) 
Recharging (Green) 
Bluetooth (Blue) 
Flash per 1 sec.: Bluetooth 
connected and transmitting Mode 
Flash per 5 sec.: Power saving mode
Not connected/Pairing 
GPS not powered 
GPS (Orange) 
GPS position is fixed, Navigation 
Detecting Satellite, 
GPS position not fix 
GPS not powered 
G-2  Manufacturing Setting 
Baud Rate: 115,200 bps; Datum: WGS-84 
G-3  GPS Features 
32-channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver with super high sensitivity at -158dBm 
Acquisition time: Hot start 1 sec. / Warm start 36 sec. / Cold start 39 sec. (averaged) 
G-4  Bluetooth Features
Bluetooth Version: V1.2 / SPP profile 
Class 2 with 15 meters in open space 
G-5  Overall Features
Low power consumption, built-in rechargeable Lithium battery (up to 32 hrs after fully charged) 
Size: 72.2 (L) X 46.5 (W) X 20 (H) mm / Weight: 64.7g (battery included) 
H. Trouble Shooting
No position output but timer is 
Weak or no GPS signal can be received at the place of 
Find an open space for your BT-Q818 
Can not turn on the 
COM port 
Install BT-Q818 incompletely or the COM port of the 
device is being used 
Install BT-Q818 completely or stop other 
device that is being used. 
Can not find out BT-Q818 
Poor connection 
Re-Start PDA or PC and re-install software. 
No Signal 
No action for few minutes may cause the Pocket PC 
enter power saving mode. It may close the COM port at 
the same time. 
Close the application and execute it again to 
re-open the COM port. 
No Signal 
Weak or no GPS signal when using BT-Q818 indoor 
Go outdoors to improve the poor GPS signal.