Canon LV-X6 Manuel D'Instructions

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5. Using On-Screen Menu
Enabling Fan Speed Mode [Fan mode]
This option allows you to select two modes for fan speed: Auto mode and High speed mode.
Auto ...................... The built-in fans automatically run at a variable speed according to the internal temperature.
High ...................... The built-in fans run at a fixed high speed.
When you wish to cool down the temperature inside the projector quickly, select [High].
NOTE: It is recommended that you select High speed mode if you continue to use the projector for consecutive days.
Enabling the deinterlace [Deinterlace]
Turns on or off the deinterlace function for a telecine signal.
On ......................... Default standard setting.
Off ......................... Select this option if there is any jitter or artifacts in video.
NOTE: This feature is not available for RGB, 480p, 576p, and HDTV signals.
Enabling Key Sound and Error Sound [Beep]
This feature turns on or off the keypad sound or alarm when a button on the cabinet and the remote control is pressed
or an error occurs.
[Input signal select]
Selecting Signal Format
[Computer], [Computer 1], [Computer 2]
Allows you to choose [RGB] for an RGB source such as a computer, or [COMPONENT] for a component video source
such as a DVD player. Normally select [RGB/COMPONENT] and the projector automatically detects a component
signal. However there may be some component signals that the projector is unable to detect. If this is the case, select
[COMPONENT]. Select [SCART] in [Computer 1] (Computer on LV-X6) for the European Scart signal.
[Video & S-Video System Select]
This feature enables you to select composite video standards automatically or manually.
Normally select [Auto] and the projector will automatically detect the video standard.
In the case where the projector has difficulty detecting the video standard, select the appropriate video standard from
the menu.
This must be done for VIDEO and S-VIDEO respectively.