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Basic Printing
Advanced Options
You can set advanced settings by clicking the Advanced Options 
• TrueType Options: This option determines what the driver tells the 
printer about how to image the text in your document. Select the 
appropriate setting according to the status of your document.
Download as Outline: When this option is selected, the driver 
will download any TrueType fonts that are used in your 
document not already stored (resident) on your printer. If, after 
printing a document, you find that the fonts did not print 
correctly, choose Download as bit image and resubmit your print 
job. The Download as bit image setting is often useful when 
printing Adobe. 
This feature is available only when you use the 
PCL printer driver.
Download as Bitmap: When this option is selected, the    driver 
will download the font data as bitmap images.    Documents with 
complicated fonts, such as Korean or    Chinese, or various 
other fonts, will print faster in this setting. 
Print as Graphics:
When this option is selected, the driver will 
download any fonts as graphics. When printing documents with 
high graphic content and relatively few TrueType fonts, printing 
performance (speed) may be enhanced in this setting.
• Print All Text To Black: When the Print All Text To Black option 
is checked, all text in your document prints solid black, regardless 
of the color it appears on the screen. 
Extras Tab
You can select output options for your document. See “Printing a 
Document” on page 13 fo
r more information about accessing the printer 
Click the Extras tab to access the following feature:  
You can create a background text image to be printed on each page 
of your document. For details, see “Using Watermarks” on page 22.
Overlays are often used to take the place of preprinted forms and 
letterhead paper. For details, see “Using Overlays” on page 23.
Output Options
• Print Subset: You can set the sequence in which the pages print. 
Select the print order from the drop-down list.
• Normal (1,2,3): Your printer prints all pages from the first page to 
the last page.
• Reverse All Pages (3,2,1): Your printer prints all pages from the 
last page to the first page.
• Print Odd Pages: Your printer prints only the odd numbered pages 
of the document.
• Print Even Pages: Your printer prints only the even numbered 
pages of the document.
• Use Printer Fonts: When Use Printer Fonts is checked, the 
printer uses the fonts that are stored in its memory (resident fonts) 
to print your document, rather than downloading the fonts used in 
your document. Because downloading fonts takes time, selecting 
this option can speed up your printing time. When using Printer 
fonts, the printer will try to match the fonts used in your document 
to those stored in its memory. If, however, you use fonts in your 
document that are very different from those resident in the printer, 
your printed output will appear very different from what it looks like 
on the screen. 
This feature is available only when you use the 
PCL printer driver.