Zhone 2004 ユーザーガイド

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2 0 0 0 - A 2 - G B 2 2 - 0 0
Clear Network Statistics
To clear network statistics, type “Z” on the Network Statistics menu. The 
IAD displays the Clear Network Statistics menu:
Figure 5.3
Clear Network Statistics Menu 
To permanently reset statistics for a specific protocol, type the option. The 
IAD immediately resets all statistics for the specified protocol, and displays 
the menu.
Continue resetting network statistics, or press Escape to return to the Network 
Statistics menu.
Interface Statistics Reports
Type “I” on the Reports menu to display the Interface Statistics menu. This 
menu contains commands to display information about the packets handled 
between layer 2 and layer 3 on a per-port basis, and to clear statistics for 
specific protocols.
To display specific interface statistics, follow the steps below.
- with destination port zero
Destination Port field value in UDP header is zero.
- bad checksums
Checksum field value in UDP header is incorrect.
- packets smaller than header
Size of UDP header is less than 8 bytes.
- packets larger than frame
Packet size is less than the UDP header size.
- unopen ports
Packet is larger than the internal packet buffer.
Sent Packet Information
packets sent
Total UDP packets sent.
discarded for lack of 
Discarded transmitted packets due to lack of resources: 
kernel memory, packet buffers, etc.
discarded due to internal 
Discarded received packets due to internal software 
with illegal destination port
Destination Port field value in UDP header is illegal.