Ferrari electronic OfficeMaster 4, 10u 48124 プリント

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OfficeMaster 4
Unified Communications solution (Fax, SMS, Voicemail, CTI) for  
Microsoft Exchange (2000-2010), IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Server (4.6 – 8.5),  
any SMTP-based Mail Systems or without Mail Server
Virtualisation is supported
Distributed systems are possible  
(limited in restricted user version)
Central conversion for powerful fax reception /  
Terminal server-enabled user software or connected 
mail client
OfficeMaster user software with optimisation for  
Windows 7
Fax and SMS
Fax reception with preview directly in the mail system
Fax transmission from all applications (ERP/CRM) 
Distribution of received fax and SMS messages to  
registered users
Fax and SMS transmission using global address lists
Serial faxes, group faxes, fax on demand
SMS transmission and receipt over fixed network SMS
Central call answering and storage of  
voice messages
Receipt of voice messages in the mail client
Received messages can be heard on the telephone and  
on computer
Remote pickup from any telephone number
Users can make personalised recorded announcements
CTI connection based on 3rd Party TAPI
CTI scripts for Lotus Notes (4.6 – 8.5) and  
CTI Add-in for Outlook 2003-2010
OfficeMaster user software with support for telephony:
Call setup from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office,  
Windows Clipboard, web browsers
Name resolution for incoming calls
Team monitoring/group functionality
Powerful API for integration in other  
Applications like CRM and ERP
Telephone calls can be transferred on screen or 
taken in a telephone conference
With OfficeMaster 4 you integrate your e-mail solution with the 
Fax, SMS and Voicemail communication paths to produce one, 
genuine Unified Messaging solution. The use of the existing 
infrastructure  for  storing  and  configuring  user  data  not  only 
ensures a single procedure for accessing those asynchronous 
services, but also ensures that all administrative access to them 
is via known paths. 
Fax and SMS
OfficeMaster 4 provides users with professional Fax/SMS com-
munications from their current mail system, without the need to 
install additional software on the workstation computers. This 
enables central conversion of messages/attachments on the 
installed OfficeMaster 4 Server.
If OfficeMaster Client is installed on a workstation, its users can 
send and receive fax messages with OfficeMaster 4, without 
a mail server. 
OfficeMaster 4's voicemail solution accepts calls takes transfer-
red from a telephone exchange and routes them to the integrated 
voice server. According to the configuration set for the selected 
call number, the voicemail solution will address an (individual 
configurable) voicemail box for a user or an IVR (interactive 
voice response) system. 
CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
To use the extensive CTI functions integrated in OfficeMaster 4, 
you require a TAPI server (3rd party TAPI) for communications 
with the PABX. OfficeMaster 4uses the TAPI server to set up or 
take calls. OfficeMaster 4 stores incoming and outgoing calls 
for all CTI users centrally, especially the calls that a user has 
been unable to take. 
OfficeMaster: administrators' view
OfficeMaster 4 is installed as a service on Windows computers 
on  the  network.  Using  the  OfficeMaster  Messaging  Server 
Configuration  that  is  supplied  the  administrator  can  edit  the 
service from any computer located in the same subnet. It is not 
necessary to log on directly to the server. Appropriate (gate-
way)  components  are  set  up  for  the  different  environments 
and communications types, and these components can then 
be controlled by the OfficeMaster service.