Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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 Turn power on
 Mains power On / Off switch should be on. (p. 11)
 (Remote Control)
 The last viewed [Home Screen] is displayed.
 Example: [TV Home Screen]
 Example: Selected content screen
 To return to [Home Screen] at any time
 You can set up or make [Home Screen] to display desired information, to access specific features easily, to select the 
default [Home Screen], etc. For details, follow the on-screen instructions or refer to [eHELP] (Watching > my Home 
  Watching TV
 Select the TV viewer from [Home Screen]
  Select DVB or Analogue
 Select a channel
 To select 2 or more-digit channel position number, e.g. 399
 To access each feature
 Access [APPS list] and select a feature
 Example: [APPS list]
 APPS is the applications (features) of the TV.
 For operations of each feature and the setup of [APPS list], follow the 
on-screen instructions or refer to [eHELP] (Functions > APPS list).