Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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VIERA Link (HDMI and Audio out connections)
Use a fully wired HDMI compliant cable.
Connect the equipment supporting VIERA Link to the TV’s HDMI terminal 
via an HDMI cable.
Use a fully wired SCART cable.
Use the optical digital audio cable or SCART cable for audio output from 
the TV.
  HDMI terminal / DIGITAL AUDIO / AV1 (SCART) terminal
  SCART cable
  DIGA Recorder with VIERA Link function
  HDMI cable / Optical digital audio cable  or SCART cable
  HDMI cable
  Amplifier with VIERA Link function
  Speaker system
  Player theatre / Blu-ray Disc theatre with VIERA Link function
  HD Video Camera / LUMIX Camera with VIERA Link function
: If the connected equipment has “HDAVI Control 5” function, you do not 
have to use this audio cable (Optical digital audio cable or SCART cable). 
In this case, connect the equipment to the TV’s HDMI2 terminal via an 
HDMI cable.