Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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Child Lock
Using Child Lock
You can lock specific channels / AV input terminals to restrict access to them. 
When the locked channel / input is selected, a message appears. Enter the 
PIN number to watch.
1.  Display the menu with 
2. Select 
Child Lock
 with   /   and press 
 to access
3.  Enter the PIN number (4 digits) with the numeric buttons
Enter the PIN number twice at first setting.
Make a note of the PIN number in case you forget it.
4. Select 
Child Lock List
 with   /   and press 
 to access
5.  Select the channel / input with   /   and press 
 to lock
 appears when the channel / input is locked.
To cancel
1)  Select the locked channel / input with   / 
2) Press 
To lock all
To cancel all locks
To jump to the head of the next channel / input group
Freeview Players
Applies access control for some digital text services.
= Note =
For DVB mode (UK only)