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YX024-PCS - 
Directional Indoor Base Antenna 
Mounting the Base Unit and Directional Antenna 
For best performance, the antenna should be mounted with the cable pointing down. Avoid 
pointing the antenna within 2 feet of other wires or metal objects. 
The YX024-PCS directional antenna replaces the omni-directional indoor antenna and connects to the 
base unit providing 7 dBi of gain and features a wide, horizontal beamwidth of 110º. It is designed to 
provide maximum PCS coverage in the direction it is pointed. Therefore, it is best to mount it on the wall 
that is facing your critical coverage area.  
Wall Mounting the YX024 Antenna 
Once you have found the location where the Directional Antenna provides the desired coverage, mount 
the Antenna using the included hardware: 
1)  Drill 4 - 3/16" (.48cm) holes for each anchor 
2)  Use the self-tapping wall/ceiling anchors to fasten the mounting bracket to the wall so flat end of 
the bracket is on top 
3)  Snap the antenna onto the mounting bracket and attach the cable cover to the base 
YX024-PCS Specifications 
 1850-1990 MHz 
 7 dBi 
 110 degrees 
5.75”L x 3.75”W x 1.5”D 
 0.44 lbs. 
 TNC male on 9” connecting coax 
May be attached to walls and other surfaces with removable mounting bracket