ShoreTel IP212k 10199 ユーザーズマニュアル

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Brilliantly simple for it 
ShoreTel phones are 
designed to ease 
administrator workload. Once 
a phone is plugged into the 
network, ShoreTel Director 
automatically discovers it and 
adds it to the system, where 
it can be centrally managed 
as a node on the enterprise 
network. As new software 
releases or versions become 
available, all IP phones can 
be automatically updated via 
network downloads, further 
reducing administration costs.
intuitively streamlines and 
improves communications
All ShoreTel phones have an easy to read 
display so users can see who is calling, 
check for missed calls and messages and 
quickly see the call’s status. This helps 
keep communication flowing across the 
organization. All desk phones also feature 
an integrated Ethernet switch that allows  
a network drop to be shared with a 
desktop PC.
ShoreTel IP Phones feature crystal-clear 
audio quality, and offer seven full octaves 
of sound, while many phones only offer 
three. In addition, ShoreTel high-fidelity, 
full-duplex speakerphones deliver 
exceptionally clear audio and enable 
hands-free conversation. All phones also 
support multiple languages.
ease of use streamlines 
communications management
All ShoreTel phones interoperate with 
ShoreTel Communicator, so settings, call 
handling rules, presence information, 
automatic directory updates and other 
features can be managed according to 
users’ preferences. For instance, users 
can extend the power of their phone far 
beyond their desks by assigning their 
extension to any phone, including a 
mobile phone or home phone.
in-Building Mobility
In addition to a full range of desk phones, 
ShoreTel offers a DECT-based cordless 
phone for users whose job role requires 
them to move around the workplace.
Designed for the distributed 
Select ShoreTel phones can easily be 
deployed remotely utilizing the built-in 
VPN client providing the full ShoreTel 
experience in the remote or home office.
enhanced productivity
Select models support XML applications 
that allow developers to integrate the 
phones even tighter into their business 
processes to boost the productivity of 
their users.