Zebra CC5000 CC5000-15J64XXEU ユーザーズマニュアル

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cc5000 customer concierge
EaSily bUilD fEaTURE-RiCH aPPliCaTiOnS
since the cc5000 is built on Android 4.1, a large 
developer pool is available to help you build custom 
applications for a variety of verticals. With the 
cc5000 software Development Kit (sDK), it’s easy to 
develop elegant and intuitive customized applications. 
And with its integrated enterprise-class bar code 
scanner, high-resolution 8 mP camera and ability to 
integrate a full complement of third-party accessories 
— including payment card readers — you can easily 
implement whatever data capture features your 
applications require.
a SizE fOR EvERy aREa Of yOUR bUSinESS
the cc5000 is available with a 15 in., 22 in. or a 27 in. 
display, giving you the flexibility to choose the screen size 
that works best in any area of your facility. For example, 
a retail store might put a large 27 in. display at the store 
entrance and 15 in. displays in various departments.
customers will feel right at home with the cc5000. 
its familiar and intuitive multi-touch interface enables 
customers to zoom, swipe, scroll, pinch and more,  
just like they do on their own tablet.
integrated platform
give your customer the 
most advanced self-service 
experience available with the 
comprehensive feature set 
of the cc5000 hardware and 
software platform.
multiple high definition 
display sizes to meet the 
needs of different areas  
of your store
the cc5000 is available with 
a 15 in., 22 in. or 27 in. display.
1080p high definition 
multi-touch display and  
an advanced processor
the Android 4.1 operating 
system and an advanced 
hardware chipset provide 
crisp graphics with the 
“butter-smooth” animation 
today’s tablet users expect.
High performance 
interactive product 
Provides shoppers with instant 
access to your entire product 
catalog — regardless of 
whether they are in-store or 
on-line, shoppers can access 
product information, read 
customer reviews and place 
items in the shopping cart.
the cc5000 is a new kind of kiosk that allows you to create a customer concierge capable of catering to your 
customers’ every self-service need. instead of the typical kiosk, the cc5000 is a rich interactive platform 
that can be configured to allow customers to look up information, make purchases, receive special offers and 
instantly connect to the right person via voice or video to answer any question. the cc5000 is a true ‘dream 
machine’, allowing you to provide shoppers in a retail store, guests in a hotel and travelers with the concierge-
style service they dream of, while helping you strengthen customer relationships, improve customer loyalty and 
satisfaction — and increase sales. integrated value-add features transform Android into a true enterprise-class 
operating system, providing the best of both worlds — your customers enjoy an intuitive and familiar interface, 
while you get the enterprise class security and manageability it demands. the cc5000 — the affordable 
solution that allows you to offer your customers an unsurpassed self-service experience.

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