Panasonic DMC-LX100 Guia De Utilização

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[Wi-Fi Setup]
[Wi-Fi Password]
To prevent incorrect operation 
or use of the Wi-Fi function 
by a third party and to protect 
saved personal information, 
it is recommended that you 
protect the Wi-Fi function with 
a password.
Setting a password will automatically display the password input 
screen when the Wi-Fi function is used.
Enter any 4-digit numbers as the password. Close the menu after 
changing settings.
A confirmation screen is displayed. It is executed when [Yes] is 
Exit the menu after it is executed.
 •For details on how to enter characters, refer to “Entering Text” 
 •Make a copy of password. If you forget the password, you can 
reset it with [Reset Wi-Fi Settings] in the [Setup] menu, however 
other settings will also be reset. (excluding [LUMIX CLUB])
[Network Address]
Displays the MAC address and 
IP address of this unit.
 •A “MAC Address” is a unique address that is used to identify 
network equipment.
 •“IP address” refers to a number that identifies a PC connected to 
a network such as the Internet. Usually, the addresses for homes 
are automatically assigned by the DHCP function such as a 
wireless access point. (Example: